South Of The Border, Camp Pedro

We are here in Camp Pedro…have been for about three weeks now, and finally getting settled in.  Kendra is in week three of her contract in Laurinburg, NC.  It’s a small, but busy hospital…but that’s nothing new to Kendra.  As with any hospital a traveler works at, there is good and bad. You learn to accentuate the good, and realize that if it was a perfect place to be, they probably wouldn’t be using travel nurses.  In any event, we are here for a few more weeks…and the beauty of traveling is, if you don’t like it where you are, there’s always the next contract.

Now about me…most of  you know I got sick in Florida, and really messed up our travel plans. Not really sure what is going on at this point, but I know that this has been the sickest I have ever been in my life. I simply do not get sick, and this has slowed me down  a bit. There are a couple of days while in the hospital I do not remember, and I don’t remember much about the ride up here from Florida.  When I got to the campground, I didn’t have the strength to attach the water hose for my camper. I have spent the last two years setting up and tearing down my camper, and to not be able to do that has been a hard pill to swallow. The Florida doctors indicated some type of auto-immune disease dealing with the joints…so, I have started the road trip to a rheumatologist.  We’ll see how that goes.  The good thing is, I have the best nursing care available…Kendra.

Now, for where we are. The nearest campground to the hospital that I could find, that had what we needed, was Camp Pedro, at South of the Border. If you have ever come down I-95 to 501 to go to Myrtle Beach, you know about South of the Border. Traveling down the road, wp-1471863142216.jpgyou start seeing signs about a hundred miles away…

…then you see the big, 200 foot tall sombrero, and you know you have arrived at South of the Border..

The complex here borders on eclectic and eccentric. There are several shops, restaurants, an ice cream shop, a reptile farm, a large motel and an RV park. To me it’s a part of Americana…a part that is slowly dying.  This place reminds me of some of the stops my dad made when he took the family on vacations….times past when The interstates were still being built, and you stayed at motor courts and motor inns…there were no chain motels back then. South of the Border has a different, and special charm.

The campground is very nice…quiet, and well kept…probably one of the nicest campground we have stayed in.  It rarely fills up here as it is used mostly for over night stays as a halfway point between up north and Florida. There aren’t many amenities here, but it has exactly what we need.

We had a special treat this past weekend. My daughter, Katherine and her husband, Brian brought their two kids, little Brian and Emma (my grands) down to visit. They have a camper so they were able to secure a spot very near us. They arrived on Friday past, the day that Tropical Storm Hermine was coming…they both (family and the storm) arrived at about the same time. Friday night…nothing but rain and wind, and of course we lost power….so no TV and no internet the first night. But we survived.

The next  day, the sun came out and for  two days, we all just relaxed and enjoyed the attractions offered at South of the Border. My son-in-law cooked several meals for me so I had plenty to eat. Here’s a few pictures of everyone enjoying this past Labor Day weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. I don’t get to see my kids and my grands much….we live so far apart, and we all have our own lives to live.  So when I do get to see them, it is a special treat. I hope one day that we can all get together and spend some time on a family vacation. Poor Kendra had to work every day….well, somebody has to keep me up…lol.

That’s about it for now. We’ll write more when the time comes.

Until then….



About Husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse

Hello, I'm Keith, the husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse. ..the tag along...sitter of the dogs. My wife, the traveler nurse, main moneymaker, and love of my life is Kendra. Follow us on our newest adventure!
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