Home…and back.

Wow…looking at my posts…I didn’t realize it’s been over a month since I wrote, so let me catch up a little.

Today, Kendra started her second contract here in Daytona Beach, FL.  Again, she likes the hospital here, and they like her…they asked her to stay.  She has good days and bad…mostly good though.  But those of you who are travel nurses and read this know that when you go on contract for a hospital, it’s not because it is an easy place to work.  Anyway, it looks like we will be here until the first of October. After that, we really don’t know.

Kendra has taken on a second “job” for lack of a better term…selling LuLaRoe clothing.  It is a direct sales company, but not like any other direct sales company I have seen.  She is doing well at it and even has her a “LuLaVan” complete with graphics. At first all her sales were online, but now with the van, she has the capability to go in home.

Here’s  a shot of the van and a picture of Kendra in one of her dresses…I think she’s hot!! If you’re interested give her page a look-see….no pressure.


We went back to NC to visit for a few days…for my Dad’s 80th surprise birthday party, for me to have some minor surgery, and just to be back home at the beach…I love that place. Dad was truly surprised, thanks to my sister Angie in large part.  Here’s a few shots from the party.

Like Dad said, the only thing that would have made this party better was if Mom was there.

On another note, I want to mention the recent police shootings in Dallas and in Baton Rouge.  I don’t know much to say that, IT NEEDS TO STOP!!  Having been a cop, I know full well what those men and women think, every day, when they put on that uniform.  I know there are some bad cops….when you draw your employees from a pool of imperfect humans, you will always end up with some imperfect employees.  But most, no…over 99% of the Law Enforcement Community are decent human beings…fathers, mothers, brothers ,sisters, aunts, uncles, husbands, wifes, and sons and daughters. They go out into a world that many don’t even know exists. So please…don’t paint all the police officers with the broad brush of racism and brutality…it’s no better than saying all black males are drug dealers.

With that said and now that I am no longer in law enforcement, I want to thank all law enforcement officers and also our EMS/Firefighters and Emergency Room doctors and nurses, all across this country.

thank you


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Key West Anniversary Trip (lengthy…so bear with me)

This past week, Kendra and  I celebrated our sixth wedding  anniversary with a much anticipated, long awaited bucket list trip to Key West.  I’ll skip the usual about what’s happening here in Ormond Beach, because not much has changed…except that Kendra has extended her contract and we’ll be here until the first of October.

Now, for the meat of the story.  We left Ormond Beach on Thursday (the 2nd) headed to Ft. Lauderdale FL to see Linda  who is a distant cousin of Kendra’s. Linda opened up her home to us and let us spend the night there. She’s an animal lover so the dogs were at home with hers.  I was a pleasure for me to meet Linda and a good time of catching up for Kendra as she hasn’t seen Linda since she was a little girl.

Next morning, we got up and headed for the Keys. After working our way around Miami traffic and stopping  at McDonalds for some coffee and a biscuit, we hit the Overseas Highway for the rest of the trip. This highway is basically a 113 mile, mostly two-lane road which carries US Highway 1 from the mainland down to Key West, where it ends. Most of this highway is on little spits of land, or keys, that are less than a mile wide, and quite a bit of it is on bridges from one key to another.  Here are a few shots from the drive down the  Overseas Highway.



The very last mile marker on US Highway 1 is where we ended up.  Now, for the skinny on Key West. I’ll try not to make this too long, but we did so much in those 3 days, it’ll be hard.

Where to stay – We arrived on Friday and quickly found there is so much to do in  Key West, and it is all packed into a roughly 1 mile wide by 4 mile long island.  First off, where to stay…rather than look for a 200 dollar a night hotel room, we used Airbnb.com.  Kendra found us a room close to the attractions and  attached to a local resident’s house with separate bathroom, fridge, microwave, decent size closet and a spacious bathroom. This particular room is mostly rented out to couples only, so it was perfect for us.

Behind that green curtain of foliage is the house. It  was within a short walk/bike ride to all you want to do in Key West. Here are some shots of room. It was furnished with old antiques and kind of made you feel as though you were back in a time where “Papa” Hemingway walked the streets and frequented Sloppy Joe’s Bar. Again, I highly recommend airbnb.com for a decently priced place to say.

How to get around in Key West – There are many ways to navigate around the island. You can drive to the famous Duval Street and try to park…parking is at a premium and you will pay dearly for that little space. Or, you can rent a golf cart and again, you are faced with trying to find a space to put it while you shop, eat, drink or go to some attraction.  You can also rent gas powered scooters. The absolute cheapest way to get around this little island is by walking and we did a lot of that our first day there.  But, we quickly learned that biking is the next cheapest and quicker, by far, than walking. So, for two days, we rented bikes to get around.


Kendra and her bike, leading the way…


These aren’t the high-dollar 21 speed bikes you see so much of. These were single speed, large tire, beach comber bikes with the coaster brakes…which took a bit of getting used too after using hand brakes for all these years.  Here are some of the sights we encountered pedaling around Duval, Whitehead, Caroline and other streets.


The chickens are feral chickens…they run wild all over the island and believe it or not, they are protected by law. Rumor is they of course were brought to the island by settlers and escaped, or when cock fighting was outlawed, they were turned loose. In any event, just about everywhere you go on the island, there are chickens. The car art is something I didn’t know existed until this trip. The cemetery shots are from Key West Cemetery located in the center of the city, and is an interesting place in itself to visit. It is similar to the cemeteries in New Orleans, simply because it was easier to “bury” above ground than dig a grave into the limestone ground. Many notable Key West residents are buried here and there is a part dedicated to the sailors who were aboard the USS Maine when it exploded in Havana Harbor, Cuba.wp-1465411403644.jpg

Those of you who are Jimmy Buffett fans or “Parrotheads” as we are called (yes, I said we), know that Key West is a hangout of Jimmy’s and some of his songs were inspired by things or places on the island, like “Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street” and “Last Mango in Paris”, about Captain Tony’s Saloon.


Captain Tony’s Saloon – A bit of history on Captain Tony’s…it is the original location of Sloppy Joe’s Bar (more on Sloppy Joe’s later). This particular location on Greene Street started out as the town morgue/ice house in 1858 and has been many other things since then such as a brothel, speakeasy, and a telegraph building from which all the world heard about the explosion of the Maine in Cuba.

“Captain” Tony Tarracino was born in 1916 in New Jersey. He grew up, and dropped out of school in the 9th grade to sell bootleg whiskey during the Prohibition era.  He got involved with some Jersey mobsters, was beaten and left for dead in a dump. After that, he moved to Key West. Tony became a boat captain, gunrunner, saloon keeper, politician and quite arguably Key West’s most beloved resident. Tony bought the saloon in 1961 and sold it in 1989. He continued to show up there and entertain the patrons until his death in 2008. Captain Tony was a man who, as the Buffett song goes, did so much in his life , but realized even then… “There’s still so much to be done.” Jimmy Buffett played here for many years before he became the entertainer he is today, and still occasionally shows up for and adult beverage or two. He no longer plays at Captain Tony’s now, preferring to play at his Margaritaville, just a few blocks away.

The bar is colorfully decorated  with bras, dollar bills and license plates from all over the world, which to me symbolizes its colorful history.  Rumor is that when it was a morgue, a hurricane washed away all the bodies save one.  That body was supposedly buried in front of the building. The building has been enlarged over the years and that grave now lies near where the pool table is today.

There is also a tree growing inside this building.  Odd you say? Maybe, but not for Key West.  This tree is known as the “Hanging Tree” and the story is that 17 people have been hanged on this tree…16 pirates and a mother who stabbed her children to death.


Hanging Tree


Sloppy Joe’s Bar – Another hangout frequented by both locals, celebs and tourist alike is Sloppy Joe’s. This place was started by a fellow named Joe (Josie) Russell. Joe got into the legal whiskey business by starting this bar at the end of Prohibition….before that, he dealt in illegal whiskey sales which the story goes, is how he met Ernest Hemingway. Joe and Hemingway developed a deep friendship over the years and Sloppy Joe’s was one of Hemingway’s favorite watering holes. Joe’s bar was originally where Captain Tony’s Saloon is now. Joe got into a rent dispute and moved his bar to it’s present location, across the street from the now Captain Tony’s. It wasn’t always called Sloppy Joe’s, but it was Hemingway who urged Joe to name his establishment “Sloppy Joe’s” and the name stuck. This place, along with Captain Tony’s, has been frequented by the rich, famous, infamous and just nobodies like me.

Hemingway House – Probably the highlight of our trip was the tour of the Hemingway House. This was Ernest Hemingway’s residence from 1931, when it was given to him and his second wife as a wedding present from her uncle, until 1939. Hemmingway retained title to the home until his death in 1961.


Hemingway House


This house was built in 1851 by Asa Tift, an engineer and marine salvage wrecker. It is constructed mainly of limestone blocks mined from the grounds…the mining of these blocks created the basement which remains dry to this day. The building has weathered many storms since 1851 and it also remains basically unchanged (in structure) since the day it was completed.

I learned a great deal about Ernest Hemingway on the tour that I didn’t know. I know very little of his writings. What I knew about Hemingway was his personal history. This man was simply a genius…a world traveler at the age of 20 as  a war correspondent who by that time was well known and had experienced much more than most experience in a lifetime. You can search for yourself as to his biography, but to me Hemingway was a man who lived and died as he wanted to, not taking advice or instruction from anyone but himself.

One of my favorite stories on the tour was of how Hemingway came to own the first in-ground pool in Key West, and the only pool for a hundred miles around. Hemingway was an avid and well trained boxer who had a regulation sized boxing ring in the backyard of this magnificent house. He regularly refereed boxing matches there and at Blue Heaven (Blue Heaven was once a bar but is now a restaurant).

While he was overseas with fellow war correspondent  (and eventually his third wife), Martha Gellhorn, Pauline, his then current wife, got wind of the  affair he had been having with Gellhorn, tore down the boxing ring, and constructed a very elaborate and expensive (twenty thousand dollars in 1938) in-ground swimming pool. Hemmingway came home from covering the war, found his boxing ring gone and in its place, the pool.  He became very angry and a heated exchange of words erupted between he and Pauline.   It was during this argument he said to Pauline something along these lines, “If you can spend that much money, you might as well spend my last red cent.” Then, he took a copper penny out of his pocket and threw it at her. She promptly picked up the penny and pressed it into the fresh, concrete patio…and there it is, still to this day.


The house was sold in 1961 by his widow to Ms. Bernice Dickson, founder of the Hemingway House Museum. Ms. Dickson preserved the house so that much of the interior is furnished with items that actually belonged to Hemingway. The house and grounds are also inhibited by 53 poly-dactyl (having more than 5 toes) cats who are direct descendants of Hemingway’s own poly-dactyl cat, Snowball. There is a full time vet on staff to take care of these cats…most are spayed or neutered and cat liters are controlled to two a year. You can see one of these cats on the bed, totally oblivious to everybody who comes into “their” home.


Shots from inside Hemingway House


Off to the side of the home is a smaller two storied structure which was originally a stable. The top was converted to a writing room where Hemingway did 2/3rds of his total writings.


Hemmingway Writing Room


As I said, I didn’t know much about Hemingway’s writings except that he was a journalist and that most of his writings came from his life’s experiences.  My goal now is to read all of Hemingway’s works, starting with “For Whome The Bell Tolls” which should be arriving next week.

Hemingway, as I said, lived and died as he wished. He took his own life in 1961. He was quite the character….I would describe him as a brilliant, and often troubled man.


Portrait of Hemingway, probably in his 30’s


If you go to Key West, make absolutely sure the Hemingway House is on your list of places to visit.

Southernmost Point – One other place we visited worth notation is the so-called Southernmost Point Buoy. It isn’t really the southernmost point as that is Ballast Key which is a private island south and west of Key West…There is no trespassing on Ballast Key. The true southernmost point on Key West is on US Naval property and not accessible by civilians. So, this is the southernmost point in the US that civilians can access.  There is such a line of people waiting for pictures in front of this buoy that we cheated on the selfie and took ours from the street.wp-1465004645269.jpg

All in all, a great trip. Key West is such an interesting place…it’s the only place I know of where you are closer to Cuba than you are a Walmart. It’s the only place where chickens free range and are protected…it’s a place where it is just as normal to see a man swimming in the ocean with a pair of pink butterfly wings on, as it is to see a man in a three piece suit.  We loved it and I got to experience it with the one I love, Kendra!!

One last (but not least) thing. We did stop in Key Largo on the way back and have lunch with an old friend and Brother, Eddie…someone I knew from back in my law enforcement days.  If you ever go to “Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen”, I recommend the hog fish.wp-1465415954018.jpg

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more adventures!!




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Two year Anniversary

Wow…It’s hard to believe that we have been Gypsies for two years now.  I remember this day, in 2014, we headed out with a camper that neither of us knew much about, headed to a place we’ve never been before, and doing something that neither of us knew anything about, the life of a travel nurse (and company).

We started out with a little 23 foot camper and a small truck….20140513_135948[1]

…and now, where in a 30 footer with a little bigger truck….


We’ve been all across “From sea…



…to shining sea”…wpid-wp-1428974750571.png


and everywhere in between in the southern US.

We’ve lived in Cut N Shoot Tx,


Bullhead City AZ,


Willits CA,

San Antonio TX,

and most recently, Ormond Beach FL(working in Daytona Beach)wp-1460461099013.jpg

We’ve visited so many places that I have to read back through the posts to remember them all…We’ve been to San Diego…


View of San Diego from Cabrillo Point. North Island Naval Air Station in the forefront.

…Alcatraz and the San Francisco Bay area.


We’ve seen big Redwood Trees…


…and desert (almost) ghost towns like Oatman AZ.


We’ve seen the Grand Canyon in all its glory…


…and the Hoover Dam which even though was finished in the mid 1930’s, still remains an engineering masterpiece, still to this day.


Proof we were there.

We’ve met some great new friends along the way….


…and got to hang out with some old ones.

I’ve got to visit the graves of some famous people…


…and walked the route of the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday when they set out to do justice to some outlaws in Tombstone, AZ.

We’ve been to so many more places that if I keep mentioning, it’ll seem like bragging…and I don’t want to do that.  But I will say that I am thankful for a wife who has taught me that travel is fun, it opens your eyes, and helps you to understand that not everyone is the same….we’re all different…and we should accept each other for what we are.

We are a diverse bunch of people….and we should act like it.

It’s been an awesome two years….ups and downs…but a heck of a lot of fun. I’ve marked many things off my bucket list.  We cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the gypsy life!!

Home is truly where you park it!!



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Week 3 (or is it 4? I lose track.)

Things are good here in sunny Florida….lots to see and do.  One of the most visited places here, besides the beach, is the Daytona Beach Flea and Farmers Market .  We’ve made several visits there, with Bev and her husband Steve.  This place is awesome…some prices are good, some aren’t, so you have to do your homework. But, you can find just about anything under the sun here.  You can even get your teeth cleaned…

…as you can see, Kendra and Beverly took advantage of it.  While they were cleaning, I went walking and found a gun dealer…started talking to this tatted up guy, obviously a biker, former military, and one of the nicest people I think I’ve ever met….and he’s a Mason.  Meet Gary, my Brother…/G\


This week’s travels took us up to St Augustine , an old city who’s claim to fame is being the oldest continually occupied settlement in the US, making it the oldest city.  Here are a few shots from our walk we took…yes, those are dogs in the stroller…lol.

Just driving around Ormond and Daytona Beach area can be interesting in itself…you never know when you might come across Andy’s car…wp-1462562328045.jpg

…or the Ghostbusters. wp-1462562682521.jpg

I’m feeling an “extended stay” here…If Kendra is asked to extend.  Here’s what I do when I take her to work…

…talk my exercise walks on the beach.  It’s a hard life….and it’s been a good one…we’re soon coming up on two years of traveling.

That’s about it here, for now. I do want to take a minute to remember all the mothers out there…and especially my mother, who passed away in January of last year.  There simply was no better mother, than her…always the peacemaker.


Mom, the day my brother in law, Dean, took her up in his plane. She had talked about it for so long..

Take care everyone, and remember…”You can never cross the ocean, until you’re willing to lose sight of the shore.”


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Settling in….

Well, we’re both settling into our new home here in Ormond Beach.  Our campground is on US Highway 1, right off I-95 and in between the beach and the local Harley shop…so we’re seeing bikes every day, all day long.  Kendra’s even mentioned seeing how much it costs to rent one to take some day trips.  We’re also next door to the famous Iron Horse Saloon, a very well known biker bar.  The bikes come and go, but to be honest, we rarely hear them.  On Sundays the Iron Horse has live music, so we can sit outside and listen for free. Kendra planted some flowers to make the place look a little homier…here’s a shot of the camper with the add ons…


Kendra has finished her orientation and has started working for real.  She likes the hospital and it doesn’t seem to be quite as busy as San Antonio.  But then again, we are here during Florida’s off season, so that may have some bearing.

Our friend and fellow traveler, Beverly, arrived last Thursday with her camper, staying in the same park as we are. We met Beverly in 2012 when Kendra was working at the hospital back home…Beverly was there on contract. It’s because of Beverly that Kendra got the travel bug…and now, here we are….and Beverly works at the same hospital, in the ER.  Hopefully their schedules work out so we can spend some off days with her. Over the weekend, we did manage to spend the day with her.  Here’s a couple of shots of them together here at our place, and walking their dogs at the local flea market.screenshot_20160415-214500.jpgwp-1460846594511.jpg

After the flea market, we went to J.B.’s Fish Camp in New Smyrna Beach to eat some fresh seafood. Kendra had a crab cake sandwich and I had a gator bite sandwich…This place sits between the Mosquito Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean…so it’s right on the water, accessible by both boat and car. It started out many years ago as a “bait and beer” stop for fishermen and has grown to a waterfront restaurant, and a well known one at that.  But not only can you eat here, you can kayak, canoe, water board, and just about every other water sport you can think of.  It reminds me a little of my favorite hangout in Morehead City, the Ruddy Duck, except this place is a little more rustic…still has some of the old “Florida charm.”

That’s  about it for now.  We have lots of trips planned…Key West, St. Augustine, Ocala, NASA, Tampa area…so we’ll have lots to write about.  Stay tuned….



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We Are Now Officially Floridians

We’re back in Florida after a whirlwind trip up to NC.  We arrived here at the Harris Village RV Park on the Saturday before Easter and set our  camper up. Our park is a small one…with only 25 spots for campers. It’s quiet and  advertised as an “adult” park. No, it’s not a nudist colony…just a quiet little park with adults only…mostly older folks, and I guess I fit in.  We are next to the famous Iron Horse Saloon, a biker bar, although we never hear them…we  do hear an occasional Harley roll by, but that certainly doesn’t bother us. We are just minutes from the beach and about 10 minutes from the hospital where Kendra will be working. This particular hospital is near the Daytona Beach Speedway and has the speedway contract.


After setting up our camper, we got a decent night’s rest and got up early Easter Sunday for the drive up to NC. It’s about 9 hours from our camper to our house in Morehead City, so it’s a doable  day drive. We caught up on some friend visits with Jess, Claudia and Trent, and Laura while home.  We also got to spend some time with my daughter and her husband, Katherine and Brian, my studious grandson Little Brian, my “Hot Mess” grand daughter Emma, and someone who I haven’t seen in a very long time, my step grand daughter Maddie. She was so little last time I saw her…now Maddie is a good 5’8″, almost 16 years old and a heck of a ball player…already has college scouts looking at her. Oh Maddie, I  have missed you….so glad to have you back.

We also got to see Kendra’s mom and dad…her dad had to have some surgery, so it was good to be with them.  Cynthia cooked for us…always good to have her home cooking.

We also drove up to Winston-Salem area for some  doctor visits and to see my dad, and hang out with some friends there…like Brian, Mark and April.  Many thanks to Mark and April for opening up their home to us…they’re more family than friends.

We left Winston-Salem and headed back to Florida. We got home, took care of our dogs, and went out to find us some grub…we were hungry for something other than service station snacks.  We found Dimitri’s Bar/Deck and Grill.  This place is a truly authentic Greek restaurant with a top deck that has a great view of the ocean.


I have a feeling that Dmitri’s will be a favorite spot of ours….Dimitri himself was there…very nice man….but you’d never guess him to be the owner…long  curly hair, shorts, flip flops and a Tee shirt…they typical attire of a true Floridian.

We also do a little cooking ourselves… wp-1460461158410.jpg

Kendra started her orientation this week, so  I’ll let you know how things are going. I’m sure this will be a good contract though….being at the beach makes all the bad things good…

More adventures to come….until then…

travel while you're young

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We Have Arrived!

Just a short note, we made it to Daytona Beach Florida… actually staying a little north in Ormond Beach…and just about a 5 minute drive to the beach itself.

Our campground is very small… just 25 spaces.  I had to back into the tightest spot in the park, but with a lot of help and about 5 times repositioning, I got it in. The owner here was extremely helpful.

Kendra doesn’t start work for another 2 weeks so tomorrow,  we’ll get up early and make a one-day drive back home.

I’ll write more when we get back to Florida. I think we’re gonna like it here.


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Quick update.

Left yesterday and made it to Beaumont Texas last night. Stayed in the Hidden Lakes RV Park. Nice place…good flat concrete pad to park on.

Woke up this morning at 6 am, checked the weather and saw that severe thunderstorms were minutes away. After a brief discussion on whether to stay and wait it out or try to get ahead of the storms, I made a command decision to get ahead of them. We were up, dressed, and on the road by 6:30am… record time.

After driving in the pouring rain all day, we pulled into the Indian Point RV Park in Gautier Miss. Still raining, but were off the road. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

Will post more soon.

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Goodbye Texas (again)

Today, we say again, goodbye to Texas, the Lone Star State.  We say goodbye to TexMex food, Willie’s Icehouse Restaurant (great catfish), hot summers and decent winters.

We say goodbye to Admiralty RV Resort, and our work camper family, JB and Marty, Stu and Shelia, Doug, Chris and Anna-Bell, Larry and Gail, Tim and Susan, “the other” Shelia, Paul and Rose, Roxy (even though she left) and Vince…we’ve had some great times, and I’ll not soon forget my first work camper experience,  and my friends.

With little regret, we’ll say goodbye to the horrible traffic on 410 between TX 151 and Exit 15 and the H.E.B. Stores where you have everything you want under one roof…like WalMart, except a little cheaper…and are so crowded, you can’t get through the isles.

We say goodbye to Kendra’s  Methodist Hospital ER family…friends that she has made over the past nine months….the good times, and the bad…but mostly the good.  Who knows? We may be back. She thoroughly enjoyed her assignment here.



We say goodbye to San Antonio itself, with the beautiful Riverwalk, music venues, fantastic restaurants and shops.  We say goodbye to one of my favorite places to visit…The Alamo,with its ghosts who I guarantee will talk to you if you spend long enough inside those hallowed walls….the ghosts of men who absolutely knew that if they stayed inside those walls to fight, they would die.

We say goodbye to the rodeo, with real honest cowboys….those guys and gals earn their money…it’s a sport I can get behind.

I say goodbye to new Brothers met at Alamo #44, the oldest lodge in San Antonio. Kendra and I both say goodbye to new friends met here, Bart and Monica, Bob and Wanda, and Byron and DeAnna (best etouffee I’ve ever eaten).  We also say goodbye to our old friends, Chad and Amber up in Austin…wish we could have spent more time with you guys.

bob and wanda

Texas is a special place…it has a power of attraction that is hard to describe and understand.  It’s a state so large that you can drive from one end to the other and experience lush greenery to dirt and desert…severe thunderstorms and tornadoes to snow and ice…all in the same day. Texas is a state that is so big, it can take two days to traverse, yet it has a small, hometown feeling no matter where you go.  We will miss this place, and have enjoyed so much being “Winter Texans”.

So today, we say goodbye…

texas flag…and hello….



And the adventure continues……..

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Quick note…

Looks like the flood waters have subsided and I-10 is open at the Texas State line…  we won’t have to go 3 hours out of our way.

Tomorrow, we’re outta here!

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