Happy Thanksgiving-Merry Christmas

Short post this time…not really much going on.  Kendra is still doing ok…but this hospital has it moments…as they all do.  She had to work Thanksgiving Day, so we left that night after she got off work and drove to our home in Morehead City.  We spent most of that time painting and turning our spare bedroom into her LuLaRoe Room. Her LuLaRoe business is part of the reason we are putting a hold on traveling for a bit…she needs the room and a more stationary place to operate out of.  Some of you want to know…it looks like we’ll be pulling out of here on December 30th and headed for home, on a permanent basis.

Me?  I’m just hanging around the camper when she’s working.  I’ve taken up a new hobby…carving and making walking sticks and canes.  I am no professional…not at all, but I have done some wood carvings over the years.  Here is my first…not quite finished yet.  It’s a diamond willow cane with a “T handle”.  I tell everyone it’s for me…hopefully it will be many years before I need it.wp-1480724034913.jpg

I also make lamps out of wine bottles and old whiskey bottles…the lamp kits I buy on line or at Lowes Hardware, or at WalMart. The bottles can be found just about anywhere…I’ve even gotten my bottles from dumpsters.wp-1480724536269.jpg

I spend most of my day doing a little cleaning, cooking, and keeping the camper maintained.  People think there’s nothing to keeping a camper going…not so.  It has to be washed and waxed and that takes a good bit of time.  The axles and suspension needs to be checked before it is moved every time, so I do that as well.

Because of Kendra’s schedule, it looks like we’ll be spending our Christmas here at South of the Border, SC…we may make a day trip up to Winston-Salem, but not real sure of that.

That’s about it…just wanted to touch base…and tell you we hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!


About Husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse

Hello, I'm Keith, the husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse. ..the tag along...sitter of the dogs. My wife, the traveler nurse, main moneymaker, and love of my life is Kendra. Follow us on our newest adventure!
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