Next stop…

I said last week that we got canceled here….and we were looking for another contract. Darren with ADvantageRN  hit the bricks and started submitting Kendra to other hospitals.  It ended up being between Corpus Christie Texas and Laurinburg North Carolina. Kendra settled on Laurinburg because it’s closer to home and closer from here in  Florida…not as far to pull the camper…basically a day trip.

We secured a spot to stay at South of the Border, in South Carolina. If you’re from NC and you were on your way to Myrtle Beach, if you came down I-95, you passed by South of the Border….big  complex with a restaurant, hotel, RV park, arcade, and a reptile pool. The RV park has good reviews…it’s a little farther than we wanted to be from the hospital, but it was the closest RV park that fit our needs.

So, on the 18th of this month, we’ll hook up and head north.  We’ll post more later.



About Husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse

Hello, I'm Keith, the husband of a Gypsy ER Nurse. ..the tag along...sitter of the dogs. My wife, the traveler nurse, main moneymaker, and love of my life is Kendra. Follow us on our newest adventure!
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